Mystery Shopping: A strategy you should implement to make your business more efficient

A very relevant area within marketing and the sale process is market research, within this practice, the gathering of qualitative and quantitative data is fundamental in order to measure the consumer’s behavior in regards with a product or service.

There are a diverse number of tools and strategies to gather this information, like surveys, interviews, focus groups, etnography and Mystery Shopping.

Regarding Mystery Shopping, it is a qualitative research technique which has the goal of evaluating a company’s different aspects: employees’ knowledge of the products or services, customer service, sales process and closing, how the information regarding services or new promotions is given to the users, worker performance and many more.

This technique is very important because when you perform Mystery Shopping, you directly evaluate your company’s customer service: welcome, form of service, cleanliness of the location, shelf arrangement, employee appearance.

Employee training is also a very important aspect, because they are your business’ direct ambassadors: if the information they have is in accordance with the products or services, if there is a willingness to resolve a client’s questions, the ability to resolve any difficulty with the product, customer service given to difficult persons.

When you implement Mystery Shopping, every company has a training manual for their shoppers, with defined activities for each client that requires this research. If upon a first visit, there’s a score of 60%, then an evaluation will be made to know which measures need to be implemented. On a second visit a higher percentage can be reached, this represents an improvement in the company’s processes.

Which companies can benefit from Mystery Shopping?

Those where customer service can be evaluated; and the user’s experience can be improved: obtaining a result that is closer and more precise with reality. This technique allows for the executions of actions that will yield a result in the short term. And in business, time and people are very precious.

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Mystery Shopper

Live the real experience that your clients experience when they arrive at your point of sale and make sure the compliance of the promise of service is being met, it will allow you to keep an eye on all of your operations. You will be able to see from the client’s real perspective how your brand lives.

Store Check

We can measure all your competition’s points of sale (benchmarking). We generate information that allows you to stay one step ahead in your strategies and decision making. We monitor your product’s presence and your promoters in the work field, we’re your ally for a fast and efficient deployment.

Surveys and Census

Knowing the voice of your client, your operation or your providers, will allow you to know and confirm that your strategy is effective. With certainty and evidence, you’ll have greater control over your decision making.

Address Validation

We will confirm you the location of real, georeferenced, addresses, in order to generate controls, such as preventive measures and antifraud.

Media Monitoring

We can measure what is said about you, your products, your competition and your industry; we analyze your presence in national and international communications media, print and electronic media, social and official media. Monitoring 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Performance Auditing

We can measure and evaluate in a systematic manner the controls that you require in your points of sale, with your providers or commercial partners in a fast deployment and obtaining the evidence that will allow you to measure what is happening in your geographical area.

Work Field Execution

We facilitate the execution of tasks in your points of sale; through fast, simultaneous and effective visits, sending you precise information of what you need to do.

Inventory Control

We support you in the registration of your inventories for their control and disposition; we facilitate the deployment in all your chain of production or point of sale, in order to have the information in a timely and precise manner.

Mystery Shopper

Vivir la experiencia real que viven tus clientes al llegar a tu punto de venta y asegurar el cumplimiento de la promesa de servicio, te permitirá tener ojos en todas tus operaciones. Podrás ver con la perspectiva del cliente real cómo vive tu marca.

Store Check

Podemos medir todos los puntos de ventas propios y de tu competencia (benchmarking). Generamos información que te sirve para estar un paso adelante en tus estrategias y toma de decisiones. Monitoreamos la presencia de tus productos y de tus promotores en campo, somos tu aliado para un despliegue rápido y eficaz.